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Tips for dog care in winter

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Update time : 2021-12-06 10:38:32
In winter, the weather is getting cooler and cooler, many parents have put on thick winter clothes, so how do pet dogs spend winter? What about dog care in winter? What should we pay attention to?  

What we should do:
1. If you are in the habit of letting your dog live outside, you should change this habit during the cold months, because the room temperature is low and your dog is likely to get cold sickness. Also, even if you change the habit and let him live indoors, you must give him a mattress, blanket, or pet bed.


2. Even if your dog goes near a river or pond, he will easily catch cold if he gets wet in this cold weather. Although many dog owners have a habit of trimming their dogs, but in the winter can be spared this process, because the sole of the foot without hair walking on the ground in this weather will feel more cold.


3, in order to avoid the dog limbs suffering from freezing, you can buy pet boots designed for pets in the pet shop to put them on. These pet boots have a protective effect, but also can play a role in keeping warm.


4. Check your dog's ears, tail and limbs for frostbite caused by cold weather. If your dog continues to limp, his legs may be frostbitten and unable to move properly. Frostbitten skin can appear red or gray. If your dog is suspected of frostbite, wrap him or her with a blanket or towel to keep him warm and take him to the vet immediately.


5. In cold weather, dogs should be given proper food. Dogs that live indoors and spend a lot of time outdoors need extra food during the winter. Dogs that live indoors and are less active may need smaller portions during the colder months.


6, give your dog fresh warm water to drink. In addition, due to the dry winter, your dog will drink more water, so give him more fresh water to drink. If you are raising a short-haired dog breed, you should buy a dog lock to protect it from the cold, and some small dog breeds even if they have long hair, they also need to wear clothes. If you have an old or young dog at home, do not let him out in the street when the temperature is extremely low (e.g., below 10 degrees Celsius), as he is vulnerable to catching cold.


7, when we go out with the dog, should be tied with a drag, because this can prevent in the sudden circumstances (such as the wind), the dog frightened sometimes run. It is important to groom your dog regularly, even in the cold season, as regular grooming can make the coat soft and resistant to the cold. Taking your dog to a veterinary clinic for a check-up before the start of winter can help you detect arthritis and other diseases that may change or worsen due to changes in the weather.

What we should not do:
1. Do not suddenly put a dog that is used to living indoors outside, because it takes at least a month or even several months for the dog to adjust to a sudden drop in temperature. Under no circumstances should your dog be left outside alone. Because different breeds have different adaptations, no dog should be treated the same way. Although some dog breeds, such as Siberian and Alaskan, can stay outside for a period of time in colder weather.


2. Do not leave your dog in the car, as it will be as cold as a refrigerator when the engine is turned off. If your dog moves slowly, this could be osteoarthritis, so don't assume your dog is in good health and neglect it.