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International cat expo (ICE)

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Update time : 2019-08-23 20:57:00

ICE world famous cat race is a purebred cat race combined with the international mainstream competition system. The full name is ICE international cat fair.He brings together the world's most mainstream purebred cat breeds and presents them to the cat fans in the form of a competition.
ICE world famous cat competition opens a category

1. Kitten group: 4-8 months ICE registered cats or non-registered cats meeting ICE standards;

2. Adult cats: ICE registered cats over 8 months old or non-registered cats meeting ICE standards;

3. Neutering group: ICE registered neutered cats over 8 months or non-registered neutered cats meeting ICE standards

4. Domestic cat group: any breed of domestic pet cat over 4 months old can participate
Each category is judged by a different judge for each breed, from the gender group to the color group to each breed to choose the best first and second place.At the end of the competition, the judges pick up the 10 best cats in each category.

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